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Duke Halley,  graduated from Sharon High School in 1966 and Southwestern Oklahoma State University. This was followed by admission to the Oklahoma University School of Law and graduation in 1973. He has been admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court as well as other Federal courts and the Oklahoma Bar Association. He has extensive trial experience and has participated in litigation in Arkansas, Kansas, New Mexico and Texas as well as Oklahoma.


Dedicated to the fair and meaningful access to justice by all members of society, Mr. Halley has been admitted to numerous professional groups and has served as an officer of many. He has been inducted into prestigious groups such as the American College of Trial Lawyers and the American Board of Trial Advocates.


In addition, he has served on past selection committees for appointmenting Federal District Judges and was a member of the Professional Responsibility Tribunal assigned the responsibility of conducting trials in disciplinary proceedings involving members of the legal profession. Mr. Halley also served on the Judicial Nominating Committee which recommends judicial appointments to the Governor.


Mr. Halley has served as the President of the Oklahoma Trial Lawyers Association (now the Oklahoma Association of Justice), an association dedicated to the preservation of rights for hurt people and the right to trial by jury.

With more than 40 years of legal expertise, you can count on Mr. Halley to remain committed to the fair and meaningful access to justice by all members of society.

Roots that run deep in Oklahoma

Mr. Halley was born in 1948, in Vici, Oklahoma, a small community in Northwestern Oklahoma. His father took a job with an oil company when he was 2 years old. This required many moves over the next few years. He went to 15 schools his first three years of public education including schools in Pensacola, FL and Devil's Lake, ND.


The family moved back to Northwest Oklahoma when Duke was in the 4th grade and remained there. He continues to own land that his great grandfather claimed in the land run and one of his favorite ways to spend his 'leisure time' is working with his cattle herd and farming.


Upon graduating from law school, Mr. Halley moved back to Northwestern Oklahoma and joined a general practice law firm in Woodward. After 9 years of honing his legal skills and preparing legal cases for trial or settlement, he opened his own office in Woodward. As that practice grew, he found himself in Oklahoma City on a regular basis and an office was opened there in 2004.

Mr. Halley has been involved in various types of cases. For instance, in one case, iodine producers were extracting natural gas from its product and not paying the mineral owners for it. Mr. Halley sued the companies on behalf of a group of mineral owners. The case was tried, and after being appealed to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, a settlement resulted in which millions of dollars were returned to the mineral owners.


In addition, Mr. Halley also successfully obtained a ruling from Oklahoma Supreme Court that establishes those who, negligently or knowingly, sell alcoholic beverages to minors are legally responsible when persons are injured as a result. This then helped in obtaining a $2,500,000 verdict against a large convenience store chain for the family of a minor killed in an automobile collision after the store manager had sold the victim beer.


In another case, State Farm Insurance Company unreasonably refused to pay $10,000 in under-insured motorist benefits. The case was tried and resulted in a verdict of $50,000 for actual damages and $400,000 in punitive damages.


Mr. Halley has also been successful in achieving many 7-figure settlements involving oil field accidents, medical malpractice, and truck/auto collisions.


Despite his success in larger cases, Mr. Halley continues to handle legal issues of all sizes. He is firmly dedicated to providing legal assistance to anyone who has not been treated fairly.

Extensive legal experience and success