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Life-long resident of Oklahoma City

Daniel J. Talbot, graduated from Bishop McGuinness High School in 1991. He then attended University of Central Oklahoma and obtained a degree in 1995. This was followed by admission to the Oklahoma City University School of Law where he graduated cum laude in 1998.


Mr. Talbot is an active member of Lawyers for Working Oklahomans, an association dedicated to the preservation of rights of the injured worker.

Mr. Talbot was born in 1973, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He has lived in the greater metro area all of his life. Most of his free time is spent coaching little league baseball and volunteering at his kids' school.

Count on Mr. Talbot's nearly 20 years of legal experience to protect your rights, no matter how small or significant the injury is.

Mr. Talbot spent his last year in law school working as a legal intern for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Upon graduating law school and passing the Oklahoma Bar Exam, he began working for an insurance defense firm in Oklahoma City. After working at the firm for a few months, he was thrust into the exciting and ever-changing world of workers' compensation.


Shortly thereafter, he was hired to work in the in-house legal counsel's office of Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, one of the largest workers' compensation insurance carriers in the nation. Mr. Talbot worked in that position for almost 7 years representing Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and the companies they insured in thousands of Oklahoma workers' compensation cases. These cases ranged from admitted cases with minor injuries to denied cases involving catastrophic injuries and/or complex legal issues.


After 8 years of representing employers and their insurance companies in workers' compensation claims, Mr. Talbot decided to use his education and experience to help the injured workers of Oklahoma. Mr. Talbot joined Mr. Halley in 2006 to form the firm Halley and Talbot.


Mr. Talbot has dedicated his practice to protect the rights of the injured workers and to insure they are being treated fairly by their employers and the employers' insurance carriers. Mr. Talbot firmly believes that every injured worker in Oklahoma needs someone looking after and protecting their rights and he is willing to do so no matter how small or how large the injury is.

Putting his experience in the insurance industry to work for you